So You Want to Be a Coach

Once you have taken the leap to follow your dream of becoming a coach, you are going to discover some of the secrets no one talks about.  Anyone giving you advice will confidently share the ‘only approach’ to creating your online presence.  No two approaches are alike because each person has a unique experience, and length of experience in the online realm.


Does everyone just assume that the traditional collection of systems must be used?

Discover the better approach as you watch this video and continue reading!

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Even for the coach whose clients are in the local community, an online presence is required.

Your Online Presence Must Include

You might have been told that everyone in the online realm is looking for everything to be FREE, so you have to create and maintain all of these components.

  • Sales pages – Webpages built in the style of a long commercial presentation of the features and benefits of your product or service.  A series of these are presented as a sales funnel to lead prospects through the sales process for a series of offers.
  • Landing pages – Separate pages with just enough info to create curiosity without any option but to input an email address in exchange for the giveaway offered!
  • Giveaways – Almost any creative tool can be offered in exchange for an email address, but you will have to maintain online storage where these can reside.

You would also hear from other professionals just like you, that you must build and maintain:

  • Website – The most popular platform for website is called WordPress, and millions of websites run on this platform every day.  There are other solutions, so keep reading!
  • Blog – Countless people discover valuable information on every topic under the sun from reading web-logs, or blogs.  WordPress is, by far, the most popular blog platform in existence.

Everyone is going to be willing to pay you for everything you know in various forms, so you will also need:

  • Course materials – Lessons that are offered in a series increase in value when your students experience life-changing transformation.  Recordings from your life presentations can become invaluable in your offerings, but you need an online storage solution.
  • Webinars – One of the most expensive investments would be the webinar service that can be used in live webinars, or replayed on demand.  The secret here will surprise you, keep reading!

To stay connected with your audience, you will have to collect contact information that will be stored in:

  • Email system – An autoresponder performs many different functions in your business, including email list building and scheduled email delivery.  Many autoresponder services are priced according to the number of email addresses are inside your account.  As your business grows, you can pay over $300 per month for this one system.
  • Newsletter creator – Some autoresponders also have a newsletter function, but this can be a separate system that sends your monthly newsletter to people who wish to hear from you.

Each of these valuable assets will reside in a separate system that you will have to learn, or hire an expert!  These monthly fees can create a financial strain on your business in the early months.

For Every Separate System

Independent companies have designed and built these systems and and each one exists to make healthy profits from loyal customers and members.

You can imagine what using each of these systems will mean to your business.

  • Monthly payment – Each company will offer access to various products and services.  As long as your account is paid each month, your data and pages will be available to your audience.  One missed payment and all of your info is gone!
  • Consistent maintenance – Whichever systems you choose, you will have to ensure that every system is performing as you expect since frequent changes to the systems can make various functions work differently.  Any systems that are linked together can cease work properly at any time.
  • Expertise –  Some coaches will hire technical experts to perform various functions every month.  Unless you have a lot of technical expertise and a lot of extra time, you will most-likely hire more than one expert.

All of the time you spend on each of these systems will take you away from your coaching activities. Unless you have very deep pockets to pay experts, you will be working constantly to perform all of these business functions yourself.

Impact on Your Coaching Practice

Your dream of coaching becomes a non-stop effort to monitor the systems that create, and support, your business operation. The traditional multi-system approach imposes measurable strain on your coaching practice.

  • High monthly costs –  Depending on the number of systems you establish, you could be paying more than $500 per month in preparation to offer your coaching and training materials to the world.
  • Extra work time – Each time you want to make a change, or add another offering, you will have to remember the nuances of the system where your assets reside.  Just managing your passwords can become nearly impossible when everything you have is in a different online system.
  • Multiple experts –  Few people can make all of the system updates and maintain the independent assets without spending a great deal of time.  You will most likely require more than one expert, and their specialties are coveted, so plan to pay healthy rates for experience.

Simple solutions are available for the coach who is willing to explore a better idea without concern for all of the advisers who want to be involved in your future.

“Tradition is the illusion of permanence” – Woody Allen

How Did the Traditional Approach Evolve?

Online business evolved from the existing business practices that exist in the local community. Before the Internet existed, business disciplines became necessary to track the operation and be compliant with legal requirements.

Once businesses realized the power of an online presence, the need for all of those systems became obvious.

  • Each system fills a need that attracted customers when the system was at its prime.  Many of these ‘legacy’ systems have become obsolete, but people are not leaving because of the amount required to rebuild the assets somewhere else.
  • Technology has advanced in many ways since the Internet’s early days.  Updates to the early systems have been limited by the requirement to support existing customers.  Companies refuse to cause costly outages to create radically new systems that would require massive conversions of their systems.
  • Integrations created solutions when new systems rose up to address customer demands

Few companies wanted to cease to exist just to step out of the way of a new solution. Too many jobs and livelihoods are dependent on profitable companies. As illogical as it sounds, the traditional approach will continue to exist as long as people will implement each system.

There Has to Be a Better Way

Just like every major advancement, in any industry, someone is going to break out of the expected pattern and create something innovative.  There is a new way to create and maintain your online assets!

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Just imagine how a well-designed single system could solve all of the challenges in the traditional approach.

  • Lower costs – You could pay a fraction of your current costs and have all of the business functions your coaching practice requires.
  • Easy to learn – Save time by discovering how ONE system can support your entire coaching materials and offerings.
  • Simple maintenance – Changes will be easier since the entire system is maintained by the same team.

Make the wise choice and use the ONE system that allows you to create all of your online assets in one place.


You could even create a residual income at the same time. This approach would secure your business and provide steady income while you are building your coaching clientele.

What If you Refuse This Easier Way?

Your coaching business can survive with the traditional approach where countless independent systems are maintained. You will want to plan at least half of your work time each week to ensure the business operation is functioning properly.

When you write your business plan, you will want to budget plenty of money for hiring experts who can provide services while you are coaching.

This one choice could make all the difference in your ability to spend your time coaching and living your dream!


“Tradition becomes our security, and
when the mind is secure it is in decay.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti