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My love for business emerged years ago when I discovered that computer programming was not really my cup of tea.  I enjoyed the operations side of the business.  I discovered that processes are absolutely everywhere.  Creating systems from those processes would become my passion. Solving puzzles is my passion whenever people in business know something is not quite right and need a safe place to ask questions.

I thrive on what most people want to avoid.

I Eat Problems for Breakfast!

Discovering a real solution starts with understanding the business and the current health of the operation.  Solving business challenges with a combination of technology, systems and great people enables me to work some type of magic for teams that are working toward common goals..

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My name is Mialei Iske.  For 30 years, I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from major corporations with 100,000+ employees down to sole proprietors!

In college, I discovered my love for business as a fascinating stage for solving problems of all kinds.  My specialty is learning the business to create the basis for solutions that will evolve as the business grows.

Experience is the best teacher for listening to each client’s questions and offering multiple options to provide the best approach.

Newly appointed leaders often feel completely alone and expected to solve every problem before anyone knows that the issue even exists. Pressure in this situation can be blinding to the best approach that should be taken.

Without support from a neutral party, the leader becomes stressed and grapples for the first solution. My clients discover the power of walking with the team through every situation while asking questions of everyone involved.

Business owners realize the importance of turning over the entire daily routine to the team. No one wants to be in business completely alone. The leader has the opportunity to do what matters most for success.

The quick answer: Encourage you to step out of the expert role and embrace the Genius Zone.

Leading a team is much easier when you turn over the entire daily routine to your team. That might seem impossible, but that is where I come in.

Your first steps might seem uncomfortable, but your commitment to designing your perfect workday will change your life.

My group coaching program is designed to walk the leader through the transition out of the daily routine. Once the team takes over, your role as leader will come to life.

That transition does not happen by magic. Every step of the way creates more training for your team while the work is completed according to your specifications.

Weekly sessions offer actionable steps that will transform your role into your perfect workday. The transition takes place over time to the details are covered and the team builds trust in you.

Leadership is not supposed to be a solo journey. Without some peers, the new leader or business owner can become discouraged and overwhelmed.

With years of experience leading teams, I am able to assemble helpful stories and examples that you can apply to your business.

Each week, your team will discover the importance of completing the work with less involvement from you. As you are able to focus on the future, your team will trust you more than ever.

Since I am outside your organization, you can be certain that your confidence will be maintained.

I guarantee that if you never embrace a different approach to leading your team, nothing will change!  You will continue to work too much and miss out on life! 

My reputation is at stake! A referral from you is my goal!

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