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My love for computers emerged years ago when a computer was barely more than an abacus. A degree in computer programming seemed logical. I came to realize that my real love is business. Solving puzzles is my passion whenever technology becomes a nemesis.

I thrive on what most people want to avoid.

I Eat Problems for Breakfast!

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Discovering a real solution starts with understanding the business before designing a technical approach.  Solving business challenges with technology enables me to work some type of magic for people who have no desire to master technology.

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My name is Mialei Iske.  For 30 years, I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from major corporations with 100,000+ employees down to sole proprietors!

In college, I discovered my love for business as a fascinating stage for solving problems of all kinds.  My specialty is learning the business to create the basis for solutions that will evolve as the business grows.

Experience is the best teacher for listening to each client’s questions and offering multiple options to provide the best approach.

Smart people work in countless businesses where technology is necessary, but frustrating. My clients are kind people who would love to exist without techno-gadgets.  Time wasted on trying to solve riddles drains their energy and wastes their time.

Each one of my clients has discovered my talents for listening and then translating technology into the business.  No one should be forced to fight through technical riddles when I am ready to devise innovative solutions.

The quick answer:  Your Overflow Tasks.

You probably have a great idea, but no time to bring it to life.

Maybe you have thought about:

  • Automation of tasks to reduce mistakes & save time.
  • Assemble information from docs into a usable format.
  • Update existing docs for use in another area of your business.
  • Creation of a sales funnel to follow-up with your prospects.

My office is my homebase where I am accessible from virtually anywhere. Focus on work is my secret for avoiding mistakes and producing high-quality results.

We will have a conversation, over phone or Zoom, where you are able to share your idea in the business terms that are most comfortable for you.

I will take your input and devise a solution & create a proposal for you to review.  Once we agree on the approach, you will receive a contract.

After you have paid, at least 50 percent is required before the project starts, the rest is due when half the work is finished.

As I work, you will receive updates about the progress, so you do not wonder about the final result.  I will ask clarifying questions, if necessary.

My skills enable me to translate technology into your business.  There are few tasks that I am unable to complete. Aside from my technical skills, I do have sufficient business experience to recognize the best approach.

You can focus on your business while your project is completed.  Communication is my specialty since I realize that the work is only useful to you when it’s finished. Questions will be asked if I am unsure how you want the work done.

Every project I accept is estimated to draw a line around the scope.  My bid will be fair and complete, so you know what to expect.

The work involved will determine the cost since every type of work requires a different level of expertise and knowledge.

The result will be helpful to your business in two ways:

  • You continue to run your business as your project is finished.
  • Those overflow tasks get finished faster than you could do them yourself.

If you are working constantly in your own business, some important work remains unfinished – what is that costing you?

Which do you value more?

  • irreplaceable time,
  • or money!

Completed work is my specialty!  When you pay for your project, your money is safe.  The work will be completed, or your money will be refunded.

My reputation is at stake! A referral from you is my goal!

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We can discuss your idea, and decide if we would work well together! This first call can be brief so you can ask a couple of questions and then follow-up in a couple of days with the details of your project!