Ask Every Customer
. As business leaders, we believe that the customer experience we offer will connect with our customers.  Whenever the results are less than expected, we decide that maybe we should have asked our customers for some insight from the onset.  An emotional connection with customers is required to deliver a […]

Customer Perspective Drives the Customer Experience

Build Trust in the Customer Experience
In today’s fast-paced world, businesses face fierce competition to attract and retain customers. While offering high-quality products and services is essential, customer experience is the over-arching decision point.  Customer experience refers to the sum of all interactions between the brand and a person who might become a customer, including pre-purchase, […]

The Role of Empathy in the Customer Experience

In all our efforts to create a compelling customer experience, one misstep can result in the loss of customers and even our reputation in the marketplace and community. That might sound extreme, but one incident can become the often-told story that grows into a nightmare for everyone involved. Long before […]

Prevent The Lousy Customer Experience

Busy customers will notice a branded customer experience that creates an emotional connection with your company.  In today’s competitive business landscape, your efforts to offer a good product or service is not enough to stand out in a sea of competitors.  Customers are looking for a memorable experience that goes […]

Why You Need a Branded Customer Experience

Online Customer Service
Everyone in the world has a unique idea about great customer service. The seller and the buyer relationship exists only because of a purchase of products or services. Interaction following that sale can determine how the customer perceives the value received. Great businesses offer more than an email address to […]

What Makes Great Customer Service?