No matter how long you have been coaching, your calendar has room for more clients. Loss of momentum is a daily fear since trends can move in the opposite direction without warning. You are wasting energy hoping that nothing disastrous changes the course of your pipeline of prospects. You have […]

Need More Clients?

Once you have taken the leap to follow your dream of becoming a coach, you are going to discover some of the secrets no one talks about.  Anyone giving you advice will confidently share the ‘only approach’ to creating your online presence.  No two approaches are alike because each person […]

So You Want to Be a Coach

In my experience, people with so much to offer are less likely to jump out there and speak to others. Maybe you are one of the people who assumes that what you know is fairly common knowledge. I would encourage you to talk to some of the people from your […]

Teach to Learn and Earn

You are probably familiar with countless ways to learn, which can include books, classes, videos and software. We have favorite media because our learning styles match some better than other. If you were to ask me about my favorite way to learn, my answer would probably shock you. The best […]

Are You Afraid to Teach?

Sometimes having to sit through painful training is the best way to discover ways to improve my own training efforts.  Maybe you are uncertain about creating training materials for other people. What if I could show you some tips and tricks that separate great training from the vast majority of […]

Basic Webinar Techniques