If you are assuming that your accountant has filed for your Employee Retention Credit, ERC, you will want to make an appointment with him/her to find out if that is true. In many cases, the accountants have other priorities and do not have access to your detailed payroll records, which […]

How Do I Claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I met with an amazing business owner who restored my hope in business networking. I was still conducting my experiment that is the subject of this post.     In the first few minutes of our talk, I knew that I could […]

Business Networking Fraud

What is Kartra? My Kartra Review will reveal plain and simply that Kartra is ‘pure cloud software.’ Anyone with an internet connection can use Kartra from a web browser. The most current version is always ready for use in your daily business routine. No other platform contains everything you need […]

My Kartra Review & Free Kartra Bonus Campaign

Get Goals On Track Now!
Most of us struggle to keep our goals on track after we set a goal that seems so achievable at the time. Even when we can see the end of the road with a new reality that gives us hope for tomorrow, we pause and lose precious time and opportunities. […]

Goals On Track — Visual Goal Tracker

Servant Leaders Praise Excellence
Work that exceeds expectations will cause servant leaders to praise those who brought about amazing results. Careful observation is important when we want to offer valuable insight that will inspire our teams to do even more on upcoming projects. Without details, most praise statements will sound weak and generic. Words […]

Servant Leaders Praise Excellence