servant leaders mistake
Everyone makes mistakes, but servant leaders have a special awareness of what it means to acceptable responsibility. In the effort to lead a team toward a meaningful future, the occasional mishap will occur. Taking appropriate risk takes us down new roads where we cannot anticipate the obstacles in the pathway […]

Servant Leaders Make Occasional Mistakes

Somewhere along the way, we’ve come to expect leaders to have all the answers, which is contradictory to the servant leader role. Anyone who has taken a new position, or started a new business, should be given some leeway to learn from others. The people who manage the daily routine […]

The Servant Leader in a New Role

Servant Leaders Ask More Questions
The old myth about leaders knowing all the answers is debunked when servant leaders interact with those who handle the daily routine. Instead of making statements, the wise leader will begin with a series of open-ended questions to get everyone talking. The emphasis is to allow everyone in the room […]

Why Servant Leaders Ask More Questions

Online Customer Service
Everyone in the world has a unique idea about great customer service. The seller and the buyer relationship exists only because of a purchase of products or services. Interaction following that sale can determine how the customer perceives the value received. Great businesses offer more than an email address to […]

What Makes Great Customer Service?

Control Interruptions
Advertisers are especially sensitive to the number of seconds available to interrupt and grab the attention of the target audience. If the pitch connects in the first SEVEN seconds, the prospect will notice some aspect of message. The battle to control interruptions is real! Most of us are shocked to […]

Attention Span Of a Housefly