Find My Flock

Find My FlockAs you look around at the people with the largest followings, you can learn a great deal about the consistent effort invested in reaching out to others. Even the most famous speakers, authors and coaches continue to seek out new audiences and advertise the same message each year.

You might be able to list famous names in each ‘tier’ of your favorite niche. From health, finances, self-help, religion and business, you know names of authors and speakers who were able to build an audience that would travel any distance┬ájust to see them in person.

Your list of names reveals the progress that each one has made in finding a flock of people who need to hear a message of hope and guidance for the future. As you review your list, you will want to write down how you know about each of these people.

What steps can you take to move from unknown
to ‘sought after’ or even ‘famous’?

Be Yourself, Always!

Authenticity works like a magnet in this fast-paced world where few people take the time to know themselves and others. Without knowing yourself, you will be hard-pressed to present a believable image to people who want a role model and teacher.

In each of these categories, can you express your thoughts and ideas?

  • Your message – People will flock to a clear and concise message that you will express in writing and in person.
  • Dress and deportment – Attract an audience full of people like you when you present yourself genuinely without worrying about what is expected.
  • Speaking style – Listening to you should draw people toward your geniuine approach to communicating your message in your unique way.
  • Making friends – As you encounter people, your sincerity will attract people you enjoy and want to help even more.
  • Mistakes and “I don’t know” – You might be surprised to discover that your flock will become more loyal when you admit your weaknesses.
  • Your past – Find that fine line between admitting your past and living in the past.

Add Value to Others

Depending on your niche, you will discover that people fall along a spectrum of awareness and knowledge. Others are coming to you for what you know and your experiences. Even your most basic ideas are helpful to people who have never heard about your subject before they happened across your website, books or other materials. Beginners appreciate the experts who start at the very beginning.

Find My FlockYour ability to tell stories that apply to everyone in your audience will create interest in you as a person. Genuine experts in your flock will be accepting of your approach. Sometimes, we assume that our most advanced techniques and ideas have value. As you prepare each of your presentations, you will want to have some insight about the people who will hear your message.

Preparation builds a foundation for you to stand on throughout your interaction with others. You might not realize how much material you can pull from a book that you read today. Interests in others begin with exploring the world around you. Every subject can become useful when you make connections that others overlook.

Even when you cannot see the ways to use an encounter or event, you will be able to relate to more people when you make a few notes about your daily experiences. Many experienced speakers will write in a journal every day just because of the value that can be gleaned for writing books and presentations.

See People, Not Dollar Signs

As you meet people each day, what do you see? Maybe you have never thought of the importance of seeing individuals instead of generic groups. Uniqueness is the most valuable trait inside everyone you see along your journey through life.

Your conversations will give you so much insight into real people who need to hear your message. Famous speakers and coaches are able to attract enormous audiences because of their ability to listen to one person at a time. Each person feels as though he or she is the only person in the room. You will want to master this amazing practice.

Find My Flock

Speaking and interacting with other people every day can be the source of valuable material and insight that allows you to add more content to your websites, blog and presentations. Once you have told a story, you will want to find more stories to tell because no one wants to be that “one story wonder.”

Speak Whenever Asked

Only a few speakers and coaches can afford to refuse opportunities to address an audience. Most of us would do well to acknowledge the value of every opportunity to speak. Without close contact with people in many different settings, how will you discover your best setting? Maybe you will find that 100 people is more comfortable than an arena of 10,000.

Find My FlockYour style might not be appropriate for massive crowds who are too far away from the stage to interact with you. Smaller crowds can be encouraging because they can provide feedback about your thoughts and actions. From the outset, your emphasis must be on finding the people who enjoy your presentations and want to hear you speak whenever possible.

Travel to new places might sound exciting unless you consider the cultural differences. One of the best ways to discover the nuances in each region is to attend conferences there. Your leisure travel will take on new meaning when you set out to meet people and gather even more people into your flock.

Write Articles and Accept Interviews

Being forgotten is possible if your flock never hears from you between speaking engagements. The Internet is the most powerful communication tool ever devised. Staying in touch with your flock is essential when you want to have a full room when you speak.

Find My FlockArticles published on other sites can be an excellent source of traffic for your website and blog. Your time is well-spent when you share your life each week. Maybe you are unaware of the value of your experiences. Your flock will become a great source of inspiration and guidance for your next speaking engagement.

How will you respond to the person who makes a comment on your blog post?

Every encounter with people can teach you or inspire you with new content. One of my clients forgot this in all of her busyness. You will be bombarded with requests for your time and attention. Focus is essential to the quality of your message. You will want to eliminate distractions from your highest priorities.

In other words, learn to say “no!”

Build Your Online Presence

Some of the most popular forums will not be effective in finding your flock. That statement might surprise you, but you must discover where people in your niche spend time online. As you find this answer, you will be able to get into their paths. You do not have to “generate” traffic because people are visiting sites every day.

With some research, you will find you flock in one or two places where you can position yourself without attempting to be everywhere, which is impossible. Initially, you will need to find people in popular places and bring them to your website and blog. Your niche will determine where you can find people who need your unique message.

Even if you know where other speakers and coaches flock online, you will have to find where your future audience is looking for answers. In the future, your flock will grow and spread the word for you.

Continue to Learn

The best speakers and authors are avid readers. Your mind will retain facts and figures that you can access whenever you need to tell a story. Time can be a factor if you are not prepared with some reading material no matter where you are. Books are more portable than ever since we load apps onto our phones and tablets.

Books and magazines, along with your favorite websites and blogs, are packed with useful information for your speaking and writing projects. Your highest priorities must include gathering new experiences and material that will engage your flock.

“When someone comes along and expresses him or herself
as freely as they think, people flock to it. They enjoy it.”

~ Joe Rogan