Why Do I Struggle?

What's the answer?In every area of life, we have riddles that remain unsolved. Maybe you ignore the burned out lightbulb in the hallway or the spot on the carpet or even the dirty windshield in the car. Sometimes, we know that finding the solution will take two minutes. Other times, we realize that we must find a professional to provide the solution because we do not have the expertise.


So, why do we continue to stumble in the dark,
walk around the stain and peer through the bug guts?


I have to admit that I can avoid most of life’s inconvenient riddles when I am too busy to find a new lightbulb and step up to the fixture and change the bulb. If I stop long enough to think about the silliness of tolerating some riddles, I let guilt be my motivator to take action . . . until I have to get someone else involved to help me.


No Time to Explain

Whenever I have to find the words to describe a problem, I avoid the situation entirely. Even if I have to tolerate moderate ‘pain’ in life, I refuse to engage the experts to solve the problem. I just know that person could never understand the situation.

Not Enough TimeI forget that I can start with a brief statement and have the expert ask questions that would lead to the best possible information. People who know the craft well enough to guide me through the situation so the riddle can be solved. Talking with experts is great fun because they know how to make me feel at ease even when I am uncertain about the actual solution.

In your situation, are you avoiding reaching out to someone who can resolve those riddles that are affecting your website, list building and money making?


No One to Trust

Previous experiences can bring back memories of so-called experts that made every situation worse. I will avoid reaching out to those people who could help me, based on memories. Living with costly issues makes no sense just because I had a couple of negative experiences.

Who can help me?I have learned to ask more questions and listen for good answers before I engage an expert. Anyone who will not engage in a conversation is not a candidate to provide help to me in any situation. Also, I ask other people how to find experts who can really help me. Even if I do not receive a direct referral, I do have trusted advisers who provide guidance for good questions to ask.

Maybe you are uncertain about asking for help. Did you know that you can ask questions and get some guidance before you agree to hire an expert? I will caution you about ending every conversation without taking action. You do not have time to talk about the issues without finding real solutions. Once you decide to get some help, you will want to take action and engage and expert.

Have you asked your advisers who could help you
to remove those riddles from your business?


No Extra Money

Every time I think about $1,600 to replace a water heater, my blood boils. As a woman, I run into too many so-called experts who think I was raised by trolls. My father is a master electrician who taught me how to manage my household. I know when someone is tacking on to a repair. Call it instinct, but that glazed look in the eyes tells me that he has switched into ‘stupid woman’ mode.

How much will it cost?

My advisers, including my father, are invaluable when I have an issue that must be solved. I can ask them what something should cost. With some input from others, I have also learned what to not attempt on my own. Money is replaceable, but my time is not.

While you make not realize it, living with riddles that affect the functions within your business is costing you a LOT of money and time. Every time you lose a contact or have someone leave your website, you are losing more money than it would cost to hire an expert.

What is the real barrier to taking action?


The Unknown

What if I don't even know?Although we mention money as a standard excuse, our fears are often based in the unknown factors that we cannot name. Asking questions is one of the wisest ways to discover the answers. You might feel somewhat silly, but the person who responds to you just wants to help you to solve those riddles.

‘Isolation is the dream killer.’
~ Barbara Sher


Technical Jargon

How do I explain?Words have a great deal of power because knowing what to say can save you a great deal of time. The riddle in your business might be simpler to define if you can just ask a couple of questions. Technical experts can switch between techie jargon and business terms without much effort at all.

You never have to know the exact terminology just to find out more about something that does not function correctly. If someone is not patient with your questions, ask another person who is willing to listen. Experts know that every industry has specific terms that enable us to communicate more easily.

Never allow words to be barriers in your business.


Correct Function

How does it work?Everything seems to have a specific function, but not everything works the way you expect. Every system and feature was designed to fulfill a need inside your business. Whenever you are not sure how something works, you will avoid the entire system. Some of those systems are costing you money each month, and you are not sure how they work.

In this situation, you can save a lot of time if you will just ask a question. Living with a riddle that is not a riddle will waste your time and create frustration. Specific use inside your business can require investigation by an expert. Use of tools can be helpful as long as you know how each one is supposed to work.

Ask questions to prevent frustration when
you are unsure if something works correctly.


My Expectations

One of the reasons that I hesitate to engage experts is my unspoken expectations. When I pay for something, I want the result to be beyond what I can do myself. In my home, my work and my belongings, experts are supposed to be people who can do what I cannot do without help. From the simplest repair to major improvements, my money should purchase something special.

Do you have expectations that are preventing you from hiring someone to help you with the riddles that arise each day?

How many riddles have you run into since this morning?

Are you okay with every one of those remaining unsolved tomorrow?


What If . . . ?

You could find assistance that solves the riddles in your business without spending a fortune. One of my packages is sure to be within your grasp.

Instead of wondering what is possible, why not ask for the help that you need?

Business challenges are expensive when you continue to make assumptions about the outcome. Networking can start conversations that lead to so many helpful answers to your questions. You might start out with one question and find the answer to FIVE other questions.

Don’t believe me? – Reach out and let’s discuss one of your questions.


Describe the Issue

What do I say to you?I often work through my series of questions with a pen and paper before I approach someone else. Too many times, we have not taken even a few moments to know what we are facing. With some thought, you can write some questions in casual terms that are comfortable for you. Once you understand what you want to know, the expert will be able to guide you to the best possible solution.

Business terms can be translated into helpful questions that describe your situation to an expert who can solve the riddle. Instead of stumbling over words, your mind will be prepared to answer probing questions. You are perfectly capable of finding experts when you know your business, which you do.


Get Real Help

How do I choose an expert?Your preparation will allow you to find the right expert for your situation. Someone who knows how to solve riddles will refuse to take advantage of you simply for a few dollars. Most of us want to be sure that our clients get the best possible service.


When you can provide specific answers to your expert’s questions, you can determine if you have found the right person to solve your riddles. Without any information, you will waste time and money.

Your expert might ask some questions that you can’t answer,
but that’s okay.


Your objective is to find the right expert to help you with the riddles that are affecting your business. Even if you do not know the specific issue, you can prepare enough questions to conduct some quick interviews. The person who can answer your questions and guide you to the diagnosis is the best one.


Focus on Your Stuff

How do I trust the expert?Starting a business comes with a number of surprises that distract you from your core business. Most of these can be solved when you find someone who will work with you. Experts know many different ways to solve issues when you can describe what you are seeing inside your business.


With some outside help, you can remain focused on the tasks that make money for your business. You might be avoiding asking for help from others because you are not certain that you could continue to work. As you build a network of experts, you can trust each one to do what is necessary while you remain busy.


Take Action

By this point, you know that you really do need to make some connections and ask some questions. You will save a great deal of time and effort if you will take the next step and refuse to stop until you have found at least one expert. Your business success rests on your supportive network of advisers.

What should I do?

Ask for Info

Without taking action right now, what will happen?

The riddles will remain unsolved.

Ask the Riddle MavenYour first action must be to make contact with me and allow me to find out more about your riddles. No more time has to pass with you struggling all alone with a series of questions that I could answer.

With some information, you could make some good choices for your business and remove the doubts you have about your systems and business processes.


Set 30 Minute Appointment

I do offer brief consultations where you can ask some questions about my services and offerings. You might be surprised how much we can discover in just a few minutes. Once you know how well we can work together, you can take the next step to get the riddles in your business solved.

Would you help me?

Pay Fair Price

Surprisingly, my packages offer far more value to the business owner who asks good questions from the business perspective. I do not require much specific information if you can formulate questions about your situation.

I can't wait any longer


Refer Others

One of the best ways to grow any business is through referrals you send to me and the ones I send to you. As we discuss your business, be sure to share your special offerings that allow me to add you to my referral list.

Whenever you know of someone who is struggling with solving the riddles in their business, please, send them my way.

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived
to be understood. All is riddle, and
the key to a riddle is another riddle.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson