Qualify My Prospects Funnel

Wasting Valuable Time
Talking to the Wrong Prospects?

What If You Could . . . .

  • Deliver Your Elevator Pitch

  • Blow Your ‘Dog Whistle’

  • Qualify Leads

  • Follow-Up With Prospects

  • Build Your Following

And Talk Only to
the Most Qualified Prospects!

At the Same Time, You Would . . .

Automate More Processes

Gather Information
Schedule Calls
Collect Payment
Manage the Flow


Reduce Monthly Expenses

Replace Existing Systems
Calendar With Advanced Features
Auto Responder (email)
Video Hosting


Gather Leads

Build Pipeline of Qualified Prospects
Eliminate Unqualified Candidates
Control Your Schedule
Improve Closing Ratio


Wondering How?

Get Your Very Own
Prospect Qualifying Campaign

Who Needs This? . . .

Most Professionals Are Wasting Time
Talking to Unqualified Prospects

Once You Signup For Kartra,
Send An Email

Include Your Email Address That You Used to Create Your Kartra Account.

After Confirmation, You Will Receive . . .

Kartra pages and calendars that make up the automated qualification system for your marketing efforts.  Stop spending so much time with people who are not able to purchase or complete your program.

Discover the Power of Qualifying Your Leads

Save Your Precious Time As You Allow This Sales Funnel to Filter Out Those Who Don’t Fit!

Kartra Pages

Your "Qualify My Prospects" Kartra campaign includes the pages you can customize with a few changes.

Kartra Calendars

Book your sales calls and first coaching calls. Eliminate unqualified candidates without wasting time.

Kartra Optin Page

Offer something valuable to those who need your service. Build your list to maintain a pipeline.

Illustration of Process

Visual representation of the steps the campaign automates for qualifying candidates for your sales process.

Helpful Books

Successful use of automation includes mastery of certain topics. This collection speeds learning.

Experts Available

No need to learn Kartra yourself. Hire an expert who can assist and save your valuable time.

Speak to Qualified Prospects & Save Valuable Time

Eliminate Prospects Without Incident

Review the Completed Applications and Cancel Appointments
Made By Those Who Do Not Match Your Selection Criteria.

Richard Hernandez

Vice Chairman

Sharon Berry

Project Manager

Thomas Johnson

HR Manager

Juliana Lane

Lead Designer

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