Need More Clients?

No matter how long you have been coaching, your calendar has room for more clients. Loss of momentum is a daily fear since trends can move in the opposite direction without warning. You are wasting energy hoping that nothing disastrous changes the course of your pipeline of prospects.

You have built rapport with some great people, and you realize that so many factors can interfere.

Over the years, you have operated by the old adage:

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman –
not the attitude of the prospect.” ~ W. Clement Stone

Is that true even today?

More Clients, More Money

Every coach dreams of attracting a steady stream of clients. Increased income is possible only when more people pay for your valuable coaching services.

Everyone you speak with might be sensing that tension in your voice whenever you have an initial conversation.

Mostly likely, you have determined how many paying clients are required to meet your financial goals for this calendar year.

Sometimes those goals create stressful feelings and pressure to find more clients – now!

Choose Where to Spend Time

To reach those aggressive goals, your calendar has blocks of time reserved for prospecting each week. Since you are only one person, you are either coaching existing clients OR you are prospecting.

These two activities are currently mutually exclusive, which means that one hour spent on prospecting takes away from your coaching.


Prospecting actually COSTS you valuable coaching time and money, but without looking for clients consistently, you won’t have anyone to coach in the future.


Priorities Present a Dilemma

Every day of the week, you are faced with a choice, coaching or prospecting. No matter which one you choose, the other one is pulling on you. Nothing feels right at the time.

The stress is exhausting, and the distraction is affecting the quality of services you can provide to each client.

What if your treasured clients notice that your attention is divided?

Few people enjoy a conversation where the other person seems to be distracted by their own thoughts.

Would you pay a coach who seems unable
to listen completely and respond in the moment?

You cannot afford for paying clients to sense that your focus is only partially on their needs.

So, what can be done to eliminate the constant demand to split your time?

You Could Hire “Someone”

The need for more clients can be filled when you hire the perfect salesperson. Even if that expert receives only commission for sales, you will pay at least 30 percent to your sales expert.

Now, you have more clients, but another bill to pay. Only large firms can afford to have a dedicated sales force.

In addition, you will have to spend countless hours to find this person who matches your values and can carry your message.


Once you make the perfect choice, months from now, you will have to spend even MORE time training your expert to qualify candidates in your stead.

This approach will add even more demands on your time.

Only You Can Qualify Prospects

As your practice has grown, you’ve come to realize that the discovery call is the perfect place to win new clients. If you can schedule that discovery call, the new client comes onboard.

If you could just jump from ‘unknown,’ to the qualified candidate booking a discovery call, your time would be well-spent.

So, the real question is:

“How can my message be shared with countless prospects
while I am busy with my valuable clients?”

Prospecting Requires Automation

You might be reflecting on the number of times you have used the exact same sentences when you speak to someone who is interested in your coaching.

The entire conversation could be recorded!

Now THAT is an idea – and a great idea!

Why have you not thought of that before?

Your entire presentation can be placed on a page along with a couple of videos to your target audience. The tools are available.


“There’s a lot of automation that can happen
that isn’t a replacement of humans
but of mind-numbing behavior.”
~ Stewart Butterfield

Screen Candidates Automatically

All of those methods you use to select people for a discovery call can be refined into a presentation that happens even while you are sleeping!

In the morning, you would check your call schedule only to find that multiple discovery sessions have been booked for the coming days.

Instead of feeling tied to your office every possible hour, prospecting could be happening while you are addressing the rest of your responsibilities.

Your discovery call schedule would be established in advance, so even if you go on vacation, you could come home to an entire series of discover sessions with qualified candidates for your coaching practice.

Imagine the steady stream of qualified candidates your message could create.

No More Wasted Discovery Sessions

You already know how to conduct discovery calls, but the qualifying steps take too long to complete and are too redundant.

Countless hours are invested in people who do not match your coaching practice. All of them are great people, but they are seeking services that other coaches provide.

Sometimes you discover the mismatch in 15 minutes and other times you are 45 minutes into a discussion when you realize this person is not a match.

Your time must be spent with qualified people since the discovery call is the deciding step in your sales process.

Instead of delivering your message personally, you really need a way to present your thoughts and ideas, along with your values, even when you are busy elsewhere.

While you are sharing your message, you can gather valuable email addresses to stay in touch with those who don’t book a discovery call.

Your Most Reliable ‘Employee’

The best of both worlds can be yours when you embrace automation. Just imagine how much of your stress will disappear when you send your message to your target audience.


Discovery calls will be booked by qualified candidates when you refine your message. If your message does not resonate with a prospect, that person will not book a discovery call.


Every sentence and phrase will embrace the right people while eliminating those who would otherwise waste your valuable time.

Maybe you are ready to automate your prospecting!

Take action right now – and get started!

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary
so that the necessary may speak.”
  ~ Hans Hofmann