Claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

If you are assuming that your accountant has filed for your Employee Retention Credit, ERC, you will want to make an appointment with him/her to find out if that is true.

In many cases, the accountants have other priorities and do not have access to your detailed payroll records, which are required to claim the ERC.

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Continue reading if you want to understand more about ERTC Eligibility.


Those Who Qualify for the ERC

First and foremost, you must be a business owner in the USA who paid employees on the IRS form W-2 from 2019 through 2021, with a few exceptions.

You might say, but “I didn’t pay much in federal income tax.”

This money is coming back from payroll taxes in the form of a ‘reward’ to business owners who retained valuable employees through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Employee Retention Credit


Were You Told ‘You Don’t Qualify’?

The original law had some specifics that have been removed or changed in the past 12 months. Many business owners qualify under the new version of the ERC legislation.

  • If you took one or both of the PPP loans, you can still qualify for the ERC.
  • If your business revenue never decreased, you could still qualify for the ERC.

You might be surprised how many facets have been added to the ERC qualification criteria. The reason is that business owners have incurred immeasurable disruptions to business life. All of these interruptions are from government overreach of private property rights.

Regardless of your political standing, property rights are the very basis of our freedoms as Americans.

Recover the money you have spent to keep your business running over two of the most difficult years in history for American business owners.


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If you qualify, and you just might, the process is not difficult.

Even if you are a pessimist, the ERC payout could change your business future.


Not Accounting – – Payroll Ties to the Employee Retention Credit

Accountants are experts in so many areas of our business finances. Most will encourage us to outsource our payroll to the people who deal with the never-ending regulations that must be followed.

Sometimes, the accountant says that you are not qualified to collect the ERC based on your increased income throughout the pandemic.

Employee Retention Credit

Employee Retention Credit

Don’t fault your accountant. Congress is the culprit on the misunderstandings about which businesses qualify for the ERC and which ones don’t.

The ERC was expanded to include many other expensive impacts that didn’t necessarily decrease your quarterly profits.

Retain your experienced accountant and contact the people who administer the payroll for your W-2 employees.

Access to the payroll quarterly reports is essential for qualifying and collecting the ERC.


How Do I Qualify for the Employee Retention Credit?

Businesses impacted by the government restrictions imparted on all Americans can claim the Employee Retention Credits (ERC) when any or all of the following are true:

Mandatory: Your company paid full-time employees and reported on W-2 forms.

Possible Qualifying Situations:

  • Social distancing requirements reduced capacity.
  • Reduction of hours of operation reduced your income.
  • Distribution delays or suspensions affected your sales and services.
  • Supply chain disruptions caused your business to not operate.
  • Suspended onsite work or client meetings reduced your sales revenue.
  • Business revenue decreased by 50% per quarter in 2020.
  • In 2021, business revenue decreased by 20% per quarter.


Any or all of these situations can qualify your business for
Employee Retention Credits (ERC) from the IRS.

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Employee Retention Credit


Is the Effort to Make a Claim Worth My Time?

Employee Retention CreditIf I told you, as a business owner, that you could qualify for up to $26,000 per employee in Employee Retention Credits (ERC), would that be worth investigating?

You really have nothing to lose.

Maybe you are the world’s biggest skeptic and want to know more about this before you invest hours gathering reports.


Employee Retention Credit

I can tell you this much – – – ‘If You never investigate the ERC,
you will always wonder what could have been!’


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