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What is Kartra?

Get Kartra Today!My Kartra Review will reveal plain and simply that Kartra is ‘pure cloud software.’ Anyone with an internet connection can use Kartra from a web browser. The most current version is always ready for use in your daily business routine. No other platform contains everything you need to communicate with prospects and customers in any industry.

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Who Uses Kartra?

Anyone who wants to reach out to people of all walks of life for countless reasons will need the best tool available.  Separating those who match your offers is essential for using your time and saving your money.


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Kartra offers functions for people in countless professions, including:

Course Creators — Your materials will be secure in the format you choose from the assortment of templates. Videos, text and downloads will present your knowledge is the order and at the pace you choose. Set access levels based on the product’s sold to each student.

Marketers – The sales pages and email sequences necessary for your campaigns can be created, modified and managed with ease. Your brand elements can be added to create your unique look.

  • Digital Marketers — Build information product assets and marketing tools that attract prospects to your business.
  • Online Marketers — Merge the online and offline business worlds with landing pages and how-to videos that tell prospects more about your products and services.
  • Affiliate Marketers – Promote products that solve real problems for those who aren’t sure where to turn for solutions. Kartra has the functions required to present believable information to anyone looking.

Business Owners — Anyone who wants to reach prospects and customers to stay in touch and increase sales will find that Kartra can literally do every business function.

All of these professionals have limited time to speak with people who are not going to work inside their programs and businesses.  Receive my FREE qualifying funnel when you signup for Kartra today.  LEARN MORE!


Why My Kartra Review States That Everyone Should Use Kartra!

Many systems have claimed to build the tools that leverage technology while being easy to use and powerful enough to handle large volume. Most of those have vanished from the scene while Kartra has grown steadily and enhanced the most popular feature as users have asked for more.

Start Saving MoneyComplete Solution – Every function has been built with business owners in mind. All of the processes have been included in every level. Larger businesses have access to a larger package available just for you.

Lower Expenses – Tally up the totals from your current autoresponder, or email system, and your appointment scheduler, and your video storage, and your integration manager. Then visit Kartra and compare the costs.

Reduce Integrations – Instead of using an API for countless systems to speak to each other, you can have all of those functions inside Kartra. Fewer connections mean fewer outages that affect your customers and your business.

Fewer Bills – Gather all the bills you pay every month and look at the number of systems you have to learn and maintain. Compare that list to the existing functions inside Kartra.

Which of your accounts could be closed entirely as you merge
into your new Kartra account?


What Does Kartra Include?

Maybe you are wondering what business functions are inside Kartra and how this particular platform could support your existing business.

Custom Domain – Your business name {} will still appear on the internet even though your pages are hosted inside Kartra. That professional image will be upheld from the Kartra platform.

Integrations – Even your existing website can be ‘connected’ to Kartra. Your payment processing happens through trusted, global payment handling sites. Before you change your existing business model, get your new Kartra account and get started today!

Membership Sites – For those who dream of offering premium content on various subjects, this feature is expansive and robust. The drip feature ensures that your newest members will remain interested in newly released content on your schedule.

Product Sales – Business means sales, and Kartra offers flexible pricing and terms on the products and services your company sells. Payment schedules are easy to establish for any of your programs.

Payment Processor Integrations – Fast payment receipts can improve your cashflow and manage collections for you. Your customers will love the convenience of paying on-time from any device.

Drag and Drop Editor – Sales pages, webpages, landing pages and any other type of page can be built or edited with the easy-to-use editor. Everything from the simplest page to the most elaborate designs will hold your brand elements and present your business to the world.

Versatile Templates – On those days when you run low on ideas, the vast template library awaits you. Even when you aren’t sure what should be included on a specific page type, you can begin your project with a template and be off to a running start.

SMS Scheduling – Inside the Kartra autoresponder, you can include text messages sent through your SMS service, like Twilio. Prospects are more likely to respond to your clever text messages that you send at regular intervals.

Support Desk – Customers can ask questions and resolve issues through your well-managed support ticket system. Separate user accounts can be created to define roles. A complete record of every response is maintained to track conversations with each customer.

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Calendar – A fully functional appointment system and class schedule are inside the Katra calendar feature. Multiple calendars can be established for any number of people to fulfill customer appointments or teach classes. Integrations with external calendars are helpful to avoid schedule conflicts.

Agency – Your customer accounts can be managed from inside Kartra while remaining separate. If one of your services includes bulding sales pages for other companies, Kartra offers the perfect solution.

Sub-Users — For the assistants in your business, the access to Kartra can be limited for those who perform specific tasks inside your account. This one function separates Kartra from many other systems that require a password manager or loss of control over your account. Kartra knows that few business owners want to manage the technical details.


Kartra Pros & Cons

Every platform is going to have strengths and challenges associated with various functions. From the start, Kartra decided to listen to users and improve the software based on ideas from the people who run their businesses on this platform.

My list of Kartra Pros and Cons Includes:

Pros – – –

Get Started NowSuperior Knowledgebase of Training Videos — Series of training modules can be completed to learn large portions of Kartra. Completion includes awards for the user. Understanding Kartra is easier when time is spent watching the videos from the very first day.

Advanced Training Videos On Important Topics — Users of every expertise will find helpful videos that can be found with a simple search. Onscreen demonstrations reveal the steps the user will take to access the full function.

Every Price Level Includes All Functions — Unlike other platforms, every user will have full access to the page editor, autoresponder (email system), custom domain, membership sites, calendars and support desk functions. Large email lists, multiple custom domains, more than two membership sites and dedicated support are available for large enterprises.

Fewer Integrations Required for Full Operation — Since most functions are inside Kartra, the software is reliable and capable of handling small, medium and large businesses in any industry. Although external integrations are supported, the basic functions are already included with every Kartra account.

Robust Business Model to Support Any Business Type — From brick-and-mortar, online marketing, eCommerce stores and international business types will find the necessary functions inside Kartra. With some practice, your team will become adept at using every feature to support the daily routine in your business.

Time-Saving Automation for Email and SMS Communications — The fortune is in the follow-up, and Kartra supports your desire to provide valuable information about your products and services to prospects and customers. A combined campaign including emails and text messages can reach more people and strengthen your brand.


Cons – – –

Support Response Can Be Slower Than Desired — Even with the best product available, immediate response from support is just not going to happen. With the plethora of videos available, most of your questions can be answered with a keyword search. Users have made excellent videos that are hosted on the most famous sites. I rarely even contact Kartra support.

Too Many Amazing Templates – – Narrowing the search for the perfect template is the only real challenge in the creation of beautiful pages inside Kartra. You will never have to start from scratch when you have an idea for the next project. A template provides the basic design that can be changed to match your brand colors and hold your logo and images.


Are Kartra Experts Available for Paid Projects?

For the busy business owner who wants to access the incredible Kartra features, there are experts of all levels available to setup your account and even transfer your assets from other systems. Many people will avoid converting to a better system because of the misconception that the benefits would not outweigh the time investment.

Using Kartra is so much easier and less expensive than the combination of systems you are using right now. I have never regretted moving into Kartra, and I don’t plan to leave anytime soon!

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After Reading This Kartra Review — What Should I Do Next?

This Kartra Review is written from my personal experience with this
remarkable business system. I have closed many other accounts
that were costing me money because Kartra includes:
the autoresponder function, video storage, SMS scheduling and calendar functions.

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